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Die-cutting and slitting

We can custom die-cut and/or slit our elastic film according to your specific requirements. This has many economic benefits for you when compared to performing these processes on bulk rolls in your own workplace. You can have us die-cut or slit our materials in any shape, length or width that you wish.

We can die-cut the patterns you request from our elastic film in widths of up to 420 mm. Die-cutting and slitting operations can also be combined. For example, we can also supply cut shapes that contain die-cut openings.

You can order our elastic film in rolls of 500 to 1000 mm width. Does your application call for narrower strips? Vreeberg can split the film according to your needs, to a width of 15 mm or greater.

Benefits of Vreeberg custom die-cutting and slitting

  1. Material savings

    You can save considerably on material costs by having Vreeberg die-cut or slit the film to size. Vreeberg re-uses the scrap material in new products – easily up to 50%. And we share those savings with you.

  2. Specialised know-how

    Elastic materials are tricky to slit and/or die-cut to special shapes. At Vreeberg you can count on our expertise to receive the perfect result.

  3. Savings on transport costs

    The shipping cost of die-cut blanks is less than that of bulk product.

  4. No need for die-cutting and slitting machinery

    Elastic materials are tricky to slit and/or die-cut, and require specially adapted machinery. Vreeberg has all the necessary special-purpose machinery.

  5. Single point of contact

    At Vreeberg you have a single point of contact for the supply of your elastic film product: fast response and clear communication.

  6. More eco-friendly

    By reducing material wastage and transportation, you also contribute to a better environment

Custom solutions

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