With Vreeberg, anything is possible!

Custom solutions

Virtually all of the elastic material supplied by Vreeberg is made to order. Every customer has different needs when it comes to size, shape and resistance to cold, heat or other influences. We’d like to give you an idea of the range of possibilities.

Composition, colour, size and shape – all made to order

We can adjust the composition of the elastic SEBS to meet your specifications. However, we maintain a single formulation for the shock-absorbing TPU, because this has been optimised for the prevalent uses of the material.

Do you need to use SEBS outdoors for a prolonged period? In that case, resistance to UV radiation or the influence of ozone is important. Our standard SEBS are all UV-resistant. However, more UV stabilisers can be added if necessary.

Colour on demand
SEBS are easily tinted. Fluorescent colours are also possible, and likewise metallic or mother-of-pearl colours. Glow- in-the-dark is yet another option.

TPU is more commonly supplied in black, but Vreeberg can also produce TPU in various colours.

Die-cutting and slitting
We produce film in 500 to 1000 mm wide rolls. These can be slit to narrower widths, or die-cut into any shape you wish. Learn more about Die-cutting & slitting.

Order sizes
Vreeberg accepts and delivers orders with a minimum size of 100 m2. In most cases, we are therefore not an affordable solution for private individuals.

Examples of custom solutions in SEBS and TPU


SEBS and TPU are well suited to applications in toys because they are flexible plastics that contain no harmful plasticisers and other chemicals. For example, sustainable toymaker Notoys.nl used SEBS tyres from Vreeberg in their  Rubberband Roadster.

SEBS cuff as part of a cover

We frequently supply elastic SEBS film to the medical industry because the material is latex-free. As an example, the tip of a camera drape (protective sleeve over cameras for medical use) is often made from SEBS film. The Buddy Cover is also made from SEBS. This elastic sleeve creates a watertight seal around plaster casts, enabling patients to swim and shower. For more examples please have a look on the website www.buddycover.com.

TPU toe for hiking shoes

TPU is exceptionally strong and durable, which explains its popularity for use on hiking, alpine and protective footwear. The nose of this hiking boot, produced by one of our customers, has a TPU protective layer from Vreeberg.

Elastic bands

It’s not easy to find coloured elastic bands in vibrant colours and a choice of sizes. Vreeberg produces elastic bands in corporate colours and special sizes. Typical applications include: jam jars, shoe boxes, labels, flowers, brochures, booklets, jewellery, displays and window dressing.